Haircut plans

I am WAY overdo for a haircut and also color. I’m embracing the ombré trend accidentally. The good news is that I have a hair appointment scheduled for this weekend so I can actually do something about this.

In preparation for the wedding, I grew my hair out and I never stopped. So many people opt for the post wedding chop (PWC) but not me. I thought about it every time I had an appointment but I never did it. Part of the reason I have been hesitant to cut my hair is because I like to alternate between wearing my hair straight and naturally curly. For my curly hair, long hair seems to be much better. It weighs down the curl to leave me looking a little less like Little Orphan Annie, and more sophisticated lady. I’m terrified of having terrible curly hair. I think it causes flashbacks to when I was a kid with curly hair and no idea how to style it.

But, I think I might be ready for a change. I’m getting so bored with my hair. So the 2 things I’m considering are either bangs or a long bob.

Here’s my bang inspiration:




And now for some long bob ideas:




So what do you think?? Bangs or long bob? OR leave it long and no change?

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  • I recently thought about cutting bangs too wanting something different. Then I remembered the last time I had then with my wavy hair. I think they are too hard to control with wavy curly hair. The hair is so short it has no weight to calm it down.

  • I always really want to get bangs, but I always hate them when I do it, haha. They require so much upkeep! But, I LOVE the look of bangs, so I’ll always vote for that. :)

  • I agree with Amanda I always get bangs and hate them so I’m going long bob!

  • I love the first long bob pic. That pic has some bangs as well so it might be a good start. I had a short inverted bob at one point and I loved it when it started growing out.

  • Having had both styles, I think I’d go with a long bob. Mainly because of maintenance and bangs getting in your face. With a baby around, do you have time for monthly hair trims, or tolerance for bangs tickling your eyelashes? I think bangs look great but sadly (at least on me), they’re pretty high maintenance and can be annoying! Also, you could get the bob and then decide you still want the bangs! Both would look cute!

  • Thank you all so much for your feedback. I am so not interested in high maintenance things, and monthly cuts, so you’re really making me reconsider bangs, which is good! I needed the honest info. Maybe long bob is the way to go…

  • Chelsea Maxwell Covington

    I love the long bob, especially Gwyeneth’s. (spell check) but I also do love love love Scarlett Johansen’s bangs!! Tough call.

  • What did you end up getting?! I love the long bob!

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