3 Months!

Now that she’s almost four months, I figured it was time for me to update you on her three-month accomplishments, and of course some pictures.  So, this month brought lots of changes as I headed back to work.  But, it also brought lots of developmental changes for Elliott too!  She’s able to do more and more things every single day.

She started blowing raspberries when she was 11 weeks old, and it’s continued and really increased.  You can do it first, and she’ll mimic you.  It’s hilarious and so fun! She’s becoming more and more vocal, especially when she’s nursing.  I just listen and laugh because it’s so sweet.  She also started rolling over back to front (though usually babies do it the other way first).  She gets stuck on her tummy a lot and sometimes gets mad.  She also started rolling over in her sleep, so we let her stay on her stomach if she makes it that way.  Speaking of time on her tummy, she actually likes it now.  She used to hate tummy time, and I would cringe when the doctor asked me how often we were doing it, now I’ll gladly tell her at the next appointment.

And, no more swaddle!  The rolling thing spurred me to try her without the swaddle, and I was terrified it was going to be a terrible night, but she did so well.  We love sleep sacks, especially the sleeveless ones since it’s already so hot here.

 aden + anais Muslin Sleeping Bag

As for night-time, there is nothing close to sleeping through the night going on at our house, but that’s ok, we’ll get there.  She is so much more mobile at night though.  She definitely doesn’t end up where we lay her down, and she isn’t always facing the same direction we put her in either.

She’s also really started to get that hand eye coordination thing down.  She reaches for toys if you dangle them above her head, and she’s recently found her feet and loves to shove them in her mouth.   She’s also so much more sturdy now and will even sit propped up for a while before falling over.

We also went swimming for the first time!  She seemed to like it.  There wasn’t much of a reaction, but we take no crying to mean that she likes something. :)

We didn’t go to the doctor this month, but last month she was in the 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight (she did not get that height from little ole’ me).  We’ll go at 4 months and I’m excited to see where she is.

And, an update on her temperament…things seem to be getting much better.  I think part of it is my confidence, her growing up a little bit, and changing my expectations.  I know that she’ll never be an easy baby, and that’s fine.  We’re learning more and more about what she likes and needs and that makes it a lot better.  And, we’ve been able to get out of the house a little more and for longer periods of time.  She’s starting to really like her carrier, and I can wear her in that for about an hour before she starts getting upset (of course she can’t be tired of hungry during that hour, so we have to time it right).  I just love this girl so much!

Next week we’ll go on our first flight!  I might borrow Oh Joy’s idea of ear plugs and treats for our flight neighbors just in case. :)  Wish us luck!

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  • all these exciting changes and developments! she remains adorable through it all, of course.

  • Congrats on passing 3 months! We just did as well – we’re still only in the 5th percentile for weight, 55th for height, but we’ll get there.
    A friend of mine here had a baby in November and she was a high-need baby. My friend was getting frustrated and would say things like, “Why did this happen to me? I am so easy! I am a good person!” Then someone told her, this baby chose you because you’re the perfect person for her. It made her feel better and it’s such a sweet idea – that she picked you specifically to be her mommy. I just love it.

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