VaseOff Challenge and $50 Amex Giveaway!

UPDATE: Congrats to Erika!  I love the idea of making a bouquet for a little girl. I’ll be sending out your $50 giftcard!!

So, you know I love a good competition, especially one with a great prize.  Can you say $50 Amex gift card?  I love the opportunity to get you all involved anyway that I can.  So, when I was asked to help with the VaseOff challenge, I jumped at the chance.  If you’re unfamiliar with the VaseOff challenge, basically expert florists are challenged to create floral arrangements in a Project Runway-style competition.

Here’s where you come in, they need ideas and suggestions for a compelling July floral challenge based on a gift giving theme.  So, have you ever wondered what floral arrangement would be perfect for a new mom?  Or maybe the hostess of a summer BBQ? Or maybe a thank you arrangement for your petsitter in lieu of cash? So, brainstorm and come up with a creative idea for when you think a floral arrangement would be the perfect gift!  I just need ideas, not the actual arrangement because that will be left up to a group of actual florists.  Whoever I think has the best idea will get a $50 Amex gift card.

Once the challenge idea is solidified, a group of florists will create arrangements based on the theme and you all can vote on your favorite! So, go!  Come up with your awesome ideas so that I can giveaway that $50 Amex gift card. You have until midnight CST this Thursday!

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  • Here’s a giveaway theme: a friend from church who is a super handyman and fixes things in our house but won’t let us pay him!

  • I remember the first person who ever bought flowers for me was my dad. I’m pretty sure the arrangement was hideous, and now I can’t remember what they were for, but I think a dad buying his daughter (or son) flowers to commemorate a special event, like a first piano recital or starting junior high is really sweet.

  • Livivua Chandler

    It would be awesome to see a flower arrangement for the local butcher because you can’t buy him steaks, he already has plenty! LOL

  • How about a patriotic arrangement for the person hosting the fourth of July party?

  • How about a “Twilight” movie themed bouquet for “Twi-hards” (Twilight fans)?

  • I think an arrangement to thank a Sunday School teacher for working with my child for the year would be a great idea.

  • How about a “happy opening night on Broadway” floral arrangement? I hope to get one of those someday, and I think the possibilities are endless and fun! :)

  • I would love to create something to bring to one of the summer pool parties we attend as a thank you gift for the person hosting.

  • I would say a “congrats on your divorce,” arrangement, but something tells me that might be ODD! HAHA. How about a special arrangement for moms on their kids birthday? Its special for the moms, too…its the day we gave birth. I always try to remember my friends on their child’s birthday with at least a little card, or a short email saying “X years ago today, you were having Sweet Emma! COngrats, Mommy!”

  • Id say an end of the year gift for a teacher. They get all kinds of junky stuff that people mean well by giving but I know they would really like a beautiful floral arrangement.

    I also know girlfriends help me with my kids all the time and would never take money for it sio I’d love to do something for them.

    Last idea, an arrangement for kids! My 8 year old would absolutely love her very own flower arrangement. No one has ever sent her flowers!l

  • I’m throwing a baby shower in July, so I’d love an idea for something to give to the new mom. :)

  • How about an “I love your blog” bouquet? ;)

  • I’d like a “congratulations for your graduation” theme.

  • Well, since I just got officially offered a job at the school I’ve been working in, let’s go with a “congrats on your new job!” bouquet!

  • I’d love to see florists work with low-pollen/low-scent flowers! A bouquet for allergy sufferers: “My condolences on summer arriving, but at least these flowers won’t make you sneeze!”

    (my main problem with bouquets is lilies)

  • Men always get shafted on the flower front. As a woman, I want to do something special for the men in my life, but flower arrangements are always so girly! How about an arrangement fit for a man? Maybe as a thank you for doing yard work, or grilling at your next family BBQ. But no matter what it’s for, make it masculine!

  • A lot of people graduate college in May and June and hit the job market. What about a “Congratulations on your first job!” arrangement. Getting a first job is a huge deal — and it’s even a bigger deal in this market.

    Or, more generally, a “You got a new job! Hurray!” kind of bouquet.

  • I love the ‘I love your blog,’ idea! How about a ‘Welcome to Pinterest” or “Happy Pinning” bouquet?

  • Between close friends, a “Congratulations on Your Weight Loss” Bouquet is a nice idea. I’ve helped friends during their weight loss journey’s, and one of the issues they face is the proper way to celebrate milestones that do not involve food. The exchange of high calorie, sugar laden treats is so ingrained in our culture as a means of commemorating holidays and rewarding successes, yet it can sabotage months of effort. Giving flower arrangements is a great way to celebrate the achievement without the guilt! Adding a gift card for a manicure or a massage would sweeten the gift.

  • What about a housewarming bouquet? Like a “Congrats on your new place!” bouquet to help warm up the new home that is filled with yet-to-be-unpacked brown boxes?

  • I would love a bouquet of flowers I could give to my mom. She is sensitive to most flowers due to the smell. I would love a bouquet of flowers where the scent is not extremely overpowering.
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  • how about a congrats bouquet for someone with odds stacked against them but came out on top! Thanks for a super giveaway!

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