Baby Registry: Big Ticket Items

I debated whether or not to write this post because although I’m registered for and have researched a lot of these products, I haven’t actually used most of them.  But, I figured that since I have researched them a lot, it’s ok to share.  And, I can give an update after the baby is here to let you know which ones I loved and could have done without. 

Baby Seating:

Mamas and Papas Snug

I debated between this and the very popular Bumbo , but ultimately decided on the Snug.  I liked it because it grows with your baby since the cushy insert can be removed, so you won’t have to put it away as early.  Also, I kept hearing about the Bumbo tipping over and so I thought that this one might be a little better.  And, the leg holes in the snug are a little more roomy than the Bumbo.  Lastly, it comes with a tray, unlike the Bumbo, so I thought it was the best option for us. 

Baby Carrier:

Mamas and Papas Morph

Again, I opted for the Mamas and Papas brand.  And, again I chose this one over the more popular brand, BABYBJÖRN .  My criteria for a carrier were: 

  1. Easy to use
  2. Not hot
  3. Usable by both partners
  4. Baby can face out

So, after narrowing down which ones would work for us, the Ergo was out because of the face out option (though I know you can rig it to make it work that way).  The Moby Wrap was also out because it seemed too complicated for me, so I knew that there was no way Sean was ever going to put that on, and also, it is SO hot here, the thought of having something wrapped around me made me sweat.  So that left me with a few options including the BABYBJÖRN and the Mamas and Papas Morph.  I liked the Morph best because the part the baby sits in (the pod) detaches completely from the harness.  Meaning that if your baby is asleep, you can take the whole pod off rather than trying to lift the baby out of the carrier.  Also, each parent can buy their own harness so that it doesn’t have to constantly be readjusted to fit whoever is wearing it.  And, the harness comes in Small/Medium and Medium/Large, so I know that it will fit each of us the best.  We got to try them on at Babies R’ Us and I was a fan. 

High Chair:

Keekaroo High Chair

You can opt for this chair with or without the cushion, but I figured that the cushion would be a lot more comfortable for the baby.  It also has an optional back cushion too.  For a high chair, I wanted something that would fit in with our house decor style and not be a total eye sore.  I also really liked that this one was wood because I’ve seen too many cheap plastic things fall apart.  Also, the reviews were really good and I heard that they have great customer service too.  A close second for me was the OXO Tot Sprout Chair, but I decided on the Keekaroo

Baby Monitor:

  Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor

I actually wanted a different baby monitor first, but they discontinued it, so then I started looking into alternatives and came across this one.  It had great reviews and has a video monitor.  I really want to avoid co-sleeping, and I think a way to do that while still battling my anxiety to go get my baby will be to be able to look at her whenever I want.  It even has night vision, so I don’t have to worry about disturbing her with lights.  And, it also has a really big range, so I can move all around the house (and outside) and still be able to tell if she’s happy/unhappy.   And, an added bonus feature is that it also checks the temperature in the baby’s room so that I know how comfortable it is in there.

Diaper Bag:

Kokopax Samantha Diaper Tote

timi & leslie Dawn Convertible Diaper Bag, taupe

Ok, so actually I haven’t made up my mind on this one.  I had, but then the print that I like for the Kokopax diaper bag is currently out of stock and I can’t find it anywhere.  So, as a backup, I also really like the timi and leslie option.  For a while I thought that I could just use a purse as a diaper bag, but both of these come with a lot of the things you actually need for babies, like changing pads, water-resistant liners, bottle holders, and stroller straps.  And, I’m not going to lie, I like both of these for purely aesthetic reasons, but actually they both had good reviews online and in a parenting magazine.  So, win win, right?

Baby Changing Pad:


BabySmart Cooshee Changer

So this probably isn’t really a big-ticket item, but I thought it was important enough to include in this list.  I love fabric as much as the next person, but when I thought about what the purpose of this item is, you know, to change diapers, I thought that a wipeable surface should beat out a fabric one.  So, there really wasn’t any other item that I even considered.  My one hesitation with this is the color choices.  I didn’t want bright pink, but I also didn’t want baby blue, neon green or black, so pink it was.  Again, this item has great reviews and lots of mommy bloggers love it too. 


Mamas and Papas Urbo

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

No, I’m definitely not getting two strollers, but again I can’t decide.  Here was my criteria for strollers:

  1. Forward and back facing
  2. Use from infant to toddler
  3. Durable wheels for all terrain
  4. Big enough basket for holding stuff
  5. Easy breakdown
  6. Easy maneuvering
  7. Telescoping handles so that short and tall people can use it

I really love the Urbo and I was able to try it out in the store.  The seat was so soft and cushy, the steering was great and the tires were durable.  It allows the baby to face forward or backward and it can be used from birth to 50 lbs.  It was also easy to breakdown and the handles moved up and down.  So, it met all the criteria, except the basket isn’t so huge.  Also, it has a carrycot (bassinet), but it’s extra if you want to purchase it.  Then there is the UPPAbaby.  I really love that one too.   They are comparable in price, but the UPPA has the carrycot attachment included.  And, it’s been in the US for longer, which means that I can find them on Craigslist, which I cannot do with the Urbo.  I’ve found a few for about $200 on Craigslist, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.   I thought that we might be able to use the carrycot as her bed during the first couple months since we aren’t planning on getting a bassinet or pack-n-play.  So, it might be the better choice.  I know that I will love either of them I am just hoping for a good deal. 


 Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing

We actually didn’t register for this one because my sister had it for her little boy and now we get to borrow it.  But, I love it because it doesn’t waste a bajillion batteries since it plugs in, so that is a huge plus.  And, I know that babies typically love swings.  I’ve heard over and over that the swing is the only thing that kept parents sane in the beginning.  So, I’m hoping it will work that well for our little E too. 

Car Seat:

Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat

It seems like everyone usually opts for the Graco or Chicco brand of car seat.  I know that both are great, and I actually would be fine with either.  I chose this one because it goes up to 35 pounds, and I know that the new advice is to keep your baby rear-facing until they’re 2 (though you can turn them around at 1).  So, I figured if she needed to be rear-facing for longer, I better try to get a car seat that could accommodate a higher weight.  I honestly don’t think she’ll hit the 35 lbs, but I just wanted to be safe. 


Klaussner Lacey Glider

Sean and I got to the try this one out in the store too.  It was cozy, a good height and so pretty.  It also goes so well in her room, but it doesn’t scream baby glider since it has a modern look to it.  So, we could move this out to another room when we’re done with it if we wanted to.  And, luckily I know it goes well in her room because it is already sitting there. :)

So, there you have it.  All our big-ticket items from our registry.   I can’t wait to try them out and let you know what I think about them.  After all the hours of research, let’s hope I love them all! 

What were your must have registry items?

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  • I registered for (and generoualy received) a Fisher Price Cradle n' Swing in the Luv U Zoo line and my 6 month old has loved it from the second she set bum in it :) I have not researched the one you have registered for, but it's super cute, and I reccomend a cradle/swing that plugs in as well as takes batteries. You'll fly through batteries otherwise and you'll end up spending more on them than the price tag on the swing!

    Also, FYI – the Bumbo does come with a seperately-sold tray (at least I know they are on the market in Canada) They retail for aroud $17 at Babies R Us.

  • So…here's my personal experiences with items like these, if it helps:

    1) The bumbo is cool for what it does, but it seems like they designed it for anorexic babies. Every baby I know gets those chubby little thighs stuck in it whenever you try to take them out, and it royally pisses Charlie off. Plus, the tray is difficult to pop on/off, and you can't slide them into the chair easily with it on. So, I hope this version is better designed! Because having the chair makes life so much easier.

    2) The Moby was so. damn. hot. Charlie was an August baby, but just to give it a fair chance I tried it again in November, when it was 75 instead of 105. Still dying of heatstroke. And the BabyBjorn is great, but it does make your back hurt, and when Charlie gets drowsy facing out, it's not very supportive for her. So again, pretty good product, but not great.

    3) I opted for a regular old changing pad, and didn't get a cover. Not only does Charlie like the cool surface during changes, it's soooooo nice to just wipe up the poo or pee when she has an accident. You're so spot-on with this one!

    4) So awesome that you get to borrow a swing! We have the Luv U Zoo swing, and my bestie has the FP one above. They are lifesavers, but some babies hate them with a passion or would rather have a bouncer.

    As a mama myself, I think you've got a great list going! Doing all the research is the most daunting part, especially when there are hundreds of products on the market. I hope you get them all!

    • Brooke, thanks so, so much for all of this!! It's good to see that someone that actually already has a baby thinks the list is good. I hope our baby will love the swing too.

  • We picked several of the same items you guys did for the same reasons: the Snug, the Cooshee Changer, the Keekaroo high chair. We also chose the UppaBaby Vista. I am in love with it. Sometimes, I go upstairs just to look at it. Can a stroller be sexy? I loved how sturdy it felt the first time I pushed it in the store, and the company is based on the South Shore of Massachusetts, where I'm from. It's not cheap, but is one of the most affordable in its class– and we got a nice deal online. I don't know how much use we'll get out of the bassinet, but the option (the ability to change the seat from backward to forward-facing (and to use our Maxi Cosi carseat with it) was very important to us. The rumble seat was also a must-have for when we convert to an in-line two-seater– I HATE doublewide strollers. We'll begin to see next month how well some of these picks work out for our little one!

  • I would love to know which mommy blogs you are reading! I'm 11 weeks along and would love to see where you get inspiration and advice!

  • what great finds! trust you to find aesthetically pleasing as well as high-performing products!

  • Beautiful selections!! And a very timely post for me. We've been trying to brush up our registry the last week or so. We registered for the Fisher Price Snugabunny (lamb) because it will swing side-to-side or front-to-back. We also found a small bouncer on clearance at Target that matches our decor that we just picked up ourselves, in case baby doesn't like the swing. =) I might need to look into the Bumbo-alternative now, though. I didn't realize there was one! Thanks for all this!

  • I love all of these items and I'm going to star this post to send to all my pregnant friends!

  • Such a great list! We're borrowing a swing, too – that exact same one! Hopefully it will help both of our babies get some zzz's. :)

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