House Rewind

I promise I’ll shut up about the dining room soon, but I realized that I sort of lied to you guys.  Ok, so not really lie, but I didn’t really show you the before picture of our dining room as it was before we did anything to it at all.  As in, how it looked when we moved in.  Actually, I haven’t shown any of the pictures of our house before we moved in.  I was in the midst of planning a wedding when we bought this house and all I could handle blogging about was wedding stuff, so there was so much done that wasn’t even captured, or talked about.

But, we bought this house in March 2009, closed in June (because the home owners wanted to stay through the end of their daughter’s school year), and moved in here in July after our contractor finished with the work we wanted to do before we moved in.  So, I recently emailed our realtor to ask him if he could send me the pictures of the house as it looked from the posting.  He was kind enough to do that, so those are the only pictures of the house we have before we did anything to it.  Which is really sad because you don’t get to see the lovely seashell marble sinks we were working with, or the extent of the popcorn ceiling.  I’m so mad at myself about this, but there isn’t a whole lot that I can do about it.  So, oh well.

Now that I have these pictures though, I can show you guys some of what we’ve done and give you the full story about how we got to where we are now.  To start, I’ll show you our living room as it was when we bought the house:

So. Much. Brown!  OMG.

And now:


We need a new couch, desperately.  And a new coffee table.  These are both on the list.  And I want to paint the room again even though I already painted it when we moved in.

And now for the dining room before:

And now:

It was so fun to do whatever we wanted to the house and to continue our projects over the last couple of years.  If you’re interested, I’ll show you some of the other rooms as they were before and how they look now.  And, I’ll give you an actual breakdown of what we did.

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  • Love the upgrades! Looks really nice!

  • wow it is totally transformed! The updates look great.

  • It's like night and day! I'm so excited to do stuff like this once we get out of this stupid apartment…I will be picking your brain upon Home Depot trips :)

  • wow, what an amazing difference. i love how much more modern and fun it is! way to see the possibilities and carry through on them!

  • Yes please! post more pictures and a breakdown!! your work is inspiring! i absolutely love it!! can you do a post on how hard/easy doing hardwood floors were?

    • Kelsey@mintedlife

      Actually, we hired a contractor for that part, but I could do a budget breakdown if you're interested.

      • A budget breakdown would be great!! How long did it take? How long after you moved in did you remove the carpet? Absolutely love it!!!!

  • I love, love, love your house. You've done such an amazing job fixing it up! And yes, please show more before and afters!

  • Wow – it's such a huge difference! You've done such an amazing job. I feel you on already wanting to re-paint. We painted our peach (yes…PEACH) walls when we moved in, but now I'm wanting to re-paint them again a grey color. I'm obsessed with it lately! It's been about 3 years, though, so maybe it's time for a change.

  • The changes are great! The living room hardwood floor brings so much warmth into the house.

  • We have wood paneling in our living room as well (and I'm sooooo ready to get rid of it), but from your before and after pictures, I'm a little confused… It looks like it shrank in size??? Did y'all remove the paneling or paint over it? If you painted, how did that go?

    Please do post more pix bc we're currently remodeling our house as well. I love using yours as an inspiration!

    • Kelsey@mintedlife

      It didn't shrink and we didn't remove it, though I know the angles of the pictures are different so it's hard to see that. We actually just painted over it. What I learned was that we needed to do a primer with KILZ… before painting, which we did and then painting over the paneling was a breeze. So I would definitely recommend it. I think that painted white paneling can be so pretty! And, you are too sweet about our house. :)

  • you've done such an amazing job! you have a wonderful eye and I can't wait to see even more!!! :)

  • I love how much a room can completely transform with just a simple change of color, layout, furniture, etc. You almost can't tell that the 'old' rooms are the same as the 'new' rooms! I think you guys have really spruced the place up nicely :)

  • Yes, I would love more house posts! You have done a beautiful job, I feel inspired!! :)

  • What a HUGE difference! I love before and after pics!

  • That open floor plan, dreeeaaammmyyyy how WONDERFUL. The hardwood is a great color, so rich. You guys have done a fantastic job! Before & After pix are the best ;)

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