Painted Ceilings

OK…so, bear with me (yes, I had to look up if it was bare/bear.  Bear just seems wrong, but it’s not) here, I know I’ve talked about our ceiling already.  After throwing a couple ideas around in my head, I decided on tiling our dining room ceiling with tin tiles.  But then as I started reading more about it, I realized I could get the same effect from wallpaper.

Home Depot

You can paint the textured wallpaper any color you want.  And, for $22/roll this was looking like a high impact project with a very teeny budget.  We did the measurements and realized that we’d need about 3 rolls, so $66.  Not bad at all!

But then I started reading about attaching pre-pasted wallpaper and things started to sound really complicated.  It’s one thing to do this on a wall, but when you’re fighting gravity on a ceiling, and trying to do things on a time crunch so that the glue doesn’t dry before you get the paper on the ceiling, it seemed like a giant pain in the ass.  I envisioned Sean and me covered in pre-pasted wallpaper with strained necks.  So even though Sean told me I could go ahead and buy the wallpaper, I didn’t do it.

And now I’m staring at the ceiling and so sad about what could have been.  But then, I started to see inspiration pictures of painted ceilings.  So much easier!  And still a big impact!

Maybe something metallic?

Censational Girl


Censational Girl

Apartment Therapy

A pattern?

Design Crisis

Two Ellie


Apartment Therapy

So what do you think?  Should I paint our dining room ceiling?  Just to give you a reminder of what our dining room looks like:

So, if you think I should, any color/pattern suggestions?

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  • go for it! what a great idea. i like the ceilings from the two ellie and censational girl the best, but i also tend to stick with more neutral colors.

  • I say Metallic! You already have some pieces with metallic elements so it might be a nice contrast with your walls. Can't wait to see the end result.

    • Kelsey@mintedlife

      I know, the metallic is pretty awesome, right?? I really want to do that. It's the front-runner right now followed closely behind by a pattern.

  • I'm with Terri – I think something metallic would look fantastic and pick up on the accents you have in the room. I can't wait to see what it looks like!

  • Wow, I LOVE that metallic ceiling!! That looks insane. I think you could definitely pull it off with silver since you have grey accents and that silver wall piece!

    I also really love the look of the tiles though and still think they'd be gorgeous if you decided to go with that!

    • Kelsey@mintedlife

      That's what I was thinking, silver would be perfect. :) And I know, I don't really want to let the tiles go, but I have lots of other rooms that tiles might be pretty in. right?

  • Oh, that metallic ceiling is pretty awesome. I say paint and don't mess with the wallpaper, that sounds like a disaster! I also really like the starbust metallic pattern – maybe you could paint a pattern (stencil?) in metallic paint? That might involve just as much neck craning as wallpapering, though….

    • Kelsey@mintedlife

      I know, I saw inspiration pictures of that and almost posted it, but that would be a slow-go project probably.

  • I think pattern or metallic would be awesome since your walls have a deep color already (then again it could just be my screen resolution)!

  • My vote is for metallic or a dark grey! It's going to look awesome.

  • Love this! Thanks for the awesome inspiration :) My vote is for either metallic silver or a pattern with a darker silver (chrome?)

  • Love that first patterned ceiling!

  • Ooh ooh do it! I have no suggestions b/c I'm totally design incapable, but can't wait to see what you do!

  • I think a deep plum would look gorgeous, and metallic would be nice too. Can't wait to see what you do!

  • I actually purchased that exact wallpaper for a project I'm working on! I love it :) I really like the idea of using a metallic color- I haven't seen anything like it before.

  • I'm thinking silver stripes on a colored background? (Or Chevron? haha)

  • What a fun idea!! I'm leaning towards the metallic look, mostly because your walls are already a bright yellow and another bold color has the potential to clash. Although.. I do love that starburst design around the light!!

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